One of my digital humanities projects this year

This month, we’ll be talking about our digital humanities projects for the year. I’m involved in all of the working groups at the Center for Second Language Studies ( and have several ideas, but I’ll speak here about my work with GeoJSON. GeoJSON ( is a coding format for expressing geographical data. We’re using it to store points (latitude and longitude) of locations and represent them through Mapbox ( You can set points, lines, and polygons, as well as include text boxes, links, and photographs. Here is a screen capture of a test map that I made recently:







Part of my research involves migration and travel, so I will use GeoJSON to display movement along the most frequent air routes in the United States. On the test map above, you can see points corresponding to some of the busiest airports (such as Miami, Chicago, and New York). In the next stage of the project, I will add lines in different colors to mark the routes, similar to the graphics that one finds at the back of the in-flight magazines. Next, I will attach photos of the cities and links to their websites. Finally, I hope to add animated icons so as to illustrate even better the movement between airports.

Eventually, I would like to have an international version of this map. My project for this semester, though, is simply to finish the USA map and feel comfortable using GeoJSON. I will post more photos here as the project advances!


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